Janne Søreide

Janne Søreide

Janne Søreide

Associate Professor, Arctic Marine Biology - Ecology

Phone: +47 79 02 33 55
E-mail: janne.soreide@unis.no
Room: B 233

Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.co.uk/citations?user=_lGFC5cAAAAJ&hl=en

Research projects:

An overview over all my current research projects is found here: http://www.mare-incognitum.no/
Janne Søreide on the ARCTOS network: See full scientific CV here

Janne Søreide in UNIS news:

31.01.2017: Will there be ice on the Svalbard fjords this winter?
09.12.2016: Meroplankton in Svalbard waters
22.03.2016: Any hope for sea ice this winter?
09.01.2012: More millions for zooplankton research
16.07.2010: Reduced sea ice – big consequences
23.07.2009: Unique data collection throughout the Arctic year
30.09.2008: Effects of climate change on the Arctic marine fauna


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