Inger Lise Næss

Inger Lise Næss

Inger Lise Næss

Information Adviser


On leave until summer 2020.


29.04.19: Funding for cross-disciplinary project in student active learning
15.03.19: Algae – the foundation of life
24.01.19: Drivers of the marine CO² system in the High Arctic – from the deep basins to the shallow fjords
21.12.18: Welcome to Svalbardseminaret 2019
27.11.18: Holocene glacier history of Svalbard: Retracing the style of (de-)glaciation
24.10.18: Anniversary Photo Competition
20.04.18: Deglaciation of the northern Svalbard margin
15.03.18: Triassic development of the Norwegian Barents shelf
15.01.18: Welcome to Svalbardseminaret 2018
11.01.18: Geological investigation of high-Arctic fjord-valleys
05.01.18: 2017 in snapshots
14.12.17: Green light for the Nansen Legacy
12.12.17: BioCEED Centre of Excellence in Biology Education granted status of excellence for five new years
20.10.17: Cruising Isfjorden – RV Lance’s last research cruise
12.09.17: Glacier dynamics in Svalbard fjords
19.03.17: Research cruise with the coast guard ship KV Svalbard
03.03.17: Glaciology students on field trip
24.02.17: A dynamic study of the ionospheric footprint of the cusp/cleft over Svalbard
21.02.17: Avalanche in Longyearbyen 21 February 2017
27.01.17: Dialogue meetings regarding new strategy for research and higher education in Svalbard
06.01.17: Svalbardseminaret 2017
29.12.16: 2016 in snapshots
13.12.16: Temperature variations and trends at 90 km height in the Arctic atmosphere
01.12.16: International Permafrost Association (IPA) secretariat opened at UNIS
28.06.16: Reindeer count in Adventdalen
24.06.16: Outreach Cruise 2016
23.06.16: Seabird breeding timing at high latitudes
19.08.15: A to Z student guide to Longyearbyen

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