Internal investigation of boat incident concluded

17 February 2017 The internal investigation into the boat incident on 27 January 2017 is now concluded and the investigation group has delivered their report to the UNIS director.

A force more deadly than polar bears

16 February 2017 You might think that polar bears – and the potential for attack – are the biggest danger the Norwegian island archipelago of Svalbard. But avalanches kill far more people on Svalbard than polar bears ever have.

Tunabreen may be surging decades earlier than expected

15 February 2017 Tunabreen, the iconic glacier in Tempelfjorden, is well-known to residents of Svalbard and the throngs of tourists that visit each year. The last known surge of Tunabreen was in 2004 and scientists have believed that the glacier has a 35–40 year surge interval, suggesting a new surge around year 2040. However, new satellite imagery suggests that Tunabreen is starting to surge now, decades earlier than expected.

Crushing ice to save platforms

10 February 2017 It’s been a warm winter on Svalbard this year. But this doesn’t apply to the UNIS laboratory where Niek Heijkoop works. There it’s a stable -10° Celsius.

Will there be ice on the Svalbard fjords this winter?

31 January 2017 Last winter we had record-low amount of fjord ice here in Svalbard and the following autumn was unusually warm. But these last few months have been relatively cold. Can we anticipate ice on the fjords this winter? The answer is yes – and no.

Incident with damaged UNIS vessel

28 January 2017 On Friday 27 January a UNIS vessel had motor malfunction during a transportation assignment between Barentsburg and Longyearbyen. On board were a group of 12 UNIS students and staff. The coast guard ship KV Svalbard arrived within two hours to assist and students and staff were transported by KV Svalbard to Longyearbyen. No one were hurt during the incident, which will be investigated thoroughly by UNIS in the coming days.

Dialogue meetings regarding new strategy for research and higher education in Svalbard

27 January 2017 The Ministry of Education and Research has commissioned the Research Council of Norway to provide input on an overall strategy for research and higher education in Svalbard. Dialogue meetings will be organized in Oslo, Tromsø and Longyearbyen to get input from stakeholders.

Summer/autumn courses open for application

23 January 2017 Apply now for our summer semester courses (and autumn semester courses in Arctic Geophysics)! Application deadline is 15 February 2017.  

Jan Christensen’s Endowment 2017

20 January 2017 Jan Christensen's endowment has a number of scholarships available to Norwegian students and researchers at UNIS. The scholarships are reserved for Norwegian students at Master and PhD level who are admitted at UNIS, and Norwegian researchers employed full-time or 20% (in adjunct positions) at UNIS.

About bamboo, ghost shrimps and a changing Arctic

16 January 2017 Now in the midst of the dark period, it may be appropriate to ask what we really know about life in the north and whether we have enough knowledge to manage resources and waters in a good way. For example, what do we know about bamboo and ghost shrimps on Svalbard?