UNIS Annual Report 2016

24 May 2017 In 2016, a total of 759 students from 43 countries took courses at UNIS, which represents an increase of 69 students compared to 2015. A total of 48 guest Master’s students worked on UNIS-related Master’s theses during the year.

Cruising in Svalbard: A student perspective

19 May 2017 For the second time in a mere two months, UNIS students were able to join a FAABulous and IMOS research cruise across Isfjorden and towards Van Mijenfjorden on the coast guard vessel KV Svalbard. Read their account here.

Heating and vertical winds in dayside Aurora

10 May 2017 Åsmund Skjæveland has studied the details of the atmospheric mechanisms that take the energy from the northern lights and create warm and vertical winds. Skjæveland will defend his PhD thesis on Friday 12 May at the University of Oslo.

Field trip with atmospheric pollution students

9 May 2017 The students in the UNIS atmospheric pollution course went on field trips to measure the impact of black carbon on the snow albedo. With the scooter season coming to an end, this was probably one of the last UNIS field excursions by scooter. Despite challenging driving conditions, all the sampling destinations were reached safe and dry so that we could take these amazing pictures!

Zooplankton migration patterns in the Polar night

5 May 2017 Why do zooplankton migrate up and down the water column during Arctic dark season when there is apparently constant darkness? PhD candidate Julie Cornelius Grenvald has examined the Diel Vertical Migration (DVM) of zooplankton during the polar night and reveals several and complex migration patterns. Grenvald will defend her thesis on 9 May at the University of Tromsø.

FAABulous fieldwork in Van Mijenfjorden

27 April 2017 The FAABulous project is having a two-week sea ice campaign in Van Mijenfjorden. The aim of the project is to get a better understanding of how Arctic algae blooms will respond to the severe environmental changes.

What happened to the glacier?

26 April 2017 Suspicious tracks have been observed in the area in front of Nordenskiöldbreen in Svalbard. Can glacier detective Lis Allaart solve the riddle?

Summer School Announcement 2017

24 April 2017 UNIS is one of the partners organizing the summer school "The Arctic Ocean and the marginal ice zone (MIZ). Interdisciplinary research, management practices and policy developments." Apply by 8 May 2017!

March for Science Longyearbyen: A big success!

22 April 2017 Today Longyearbyen marched for science. About 110 people gathered to march for science, not silence.

March for Science 22 April at 2 PM

20 April 2017 On Saturday 22 April the March of Science will take place around the world. UNIS is hosting the Longyearbyen march, which will start at 2 PM outside the Svalbard Science Centre. All are welcome to join!