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Library information

The UNIS library patrons:

  • All students, researchers and staff present at UNIS (VPN access possible).
  • Present students, researchers and staff in the Norwegian Polar Institute (the library agreement includes loans from the collection and inter library loans, and also walk-in-access to subscribed databases, however, no VPN access).
  • A few institutions may enter the library (having library agreements).
  • Due to limited space and library staff, the library cannot open the doors to the public.

The UNIS library opening hours:

  • Monday – Thursday: 08:30 – 18:00
  • Friday: 08:30 – 16:00

    (The opening hours are subject to change due to meetings etc.)

The UNIS library provides:

Access to electronic resources available online - including:

  • More than 5000 full text journals (included many backfiles --> access from vol.1).
  • Many bibliographic databases.
  • The library catalogue (BIBSYS Ask). New discovery system for catalogue, Oria will be released during summer 2015).

Access within opening hours to a collection of:

  • Reference literature (not for loan).
  • Printed books.
  • Printed serials (included reports and journals - most journals are not for loan).
  • Master theses and some student papers.

Library facilities:

  • 1 printer/copier/scanner
  • 1 self service machine
  • 1 group study room (with 2 PCs and round table)
  • 1 studyroom/map room (with 4 desks)
  • 1 PC classroom (7 PCs)
  • 1 PC for short time use
  • A few armchairs, sofas and a hammock

Library services:

  • Books for loan, renewals, reservations etc.
  • Free inter library loan services (ILL services) for documents not held by UNIS and needed in UNIS/NPI related studies or research. Please send the requests via library system, to or see library staff in the library.
  • Reference

Use the library catalogue (BIBSYS Ask) to:

  • Locate the books, journals or maps in the UNIS library
  • Log on to view your library loans, reservations and ILL requests. Also, save searches as “scheduled searches”, change language settings etc.
  • Access full text journals

Use the reference databases and the full text resouces to:

  • Verify bibliographic information
  • Locate and open subscribed and free full text articles

FAQ - accessing the electronic resources:


  • Where do I find the online resources?
    • You will find the links to the electronic resources on the UNIS library web site Bibliographic search

  • What is BIBSYSx?
    • BIBSYSx creates links from external databases. From a record in a bibliographic database, you will be linked to the full text article or to an entry in the BIBSYS catalogue providing holding information and call numbers for publications found in the UNIS library. Usually, BIBSYSx is a good pathfinder, but if you are not directed anywhere, please seach the regular BIBSYS Ask (search the journal title not the article title).

  • Is Google good for searching full text?
    • Google retrieves some of our subscribed full text journals and also useful full text free for everyone to access. You cannot trust Google to find all subscribed full text journals, so please also search our subscribed databases to make sure you get the most relevant information.
    • Google may retrieve preprints of articles – to cite the article correctly, you should also have a look into the published version.
    • Google may retrieve papers from both the scholars as well as the amateurs, so please check the source of information thoroughly.

  • I cannot access the database or the full text, why?
    • Access is only provided if you are logged on to an IP address at UNIS. Make sure Eduroam is linked to UNIS if you want to access our resources via wireless network. Outside our network, you may use VPN to access subscribed full text and reference databases.

  • Why is username and password requested by the database host or the full text provider?
    • All subscribed full text and databases use IP recognition. Therefore you will not need username or password. SciFinder is the only exception.
    • Sometimes the subscriptions does not include old issues of full text journals. Check BIBSYS Ask for holding information. Do hot hesitate to ask for inter library loan if you cannot access the full text.
    • Make sure that you are logged on to the IP range of UNIS or that your VPN connection is working properly.

More information:

  • Do not hesitate to ask the library staff for help if you do not find your way in the collection or in the databases.
  • Always keep track of your e-mails from the library, the overdue notices in particular. Keep the library posted about any change of e-mail address.
  • You will have to bring your own copy of a printed dictionary for exams etc.  - the dictionaries in the library are only for in-library-use. CLUE is installed on the UNIS computers - providing easy access to the online dictionaries.

Costs of services

Searches in databases are free of charge for our patrons. Also, the UNIS library does not charge the inter library loans if they are affiliated with research or studies at UNIS/NPI. The library cannot offer these services for private use (i.e. fiction) or to institutions without a library agreement. If books are lost or damaged the library issues fines. 

Contact details:

  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 79 02 33 09
  • Address: UNIS, The Library, P.O.Box 156, 9171 LONGYEARBYEN, NORWAY


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